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Follows Prince Oliver -a pink skunk clownfish voiced by the recently passed Paul Reubens- who questions his identity and role in the colony, as he is next in line to become Queen. The short examines the fluidity of gender in the animal kingdom…

When an accident leaves a man blind, he and his partner adjust and together, learn to support one another.

A tale about breaking free from the binary and living as one’s true self.

This short tells the legend of Kapaemahu, the four Healer Stones in Waikiki, Hawaii. These stones were erected in honor of the visiting māhū (when one embodies both a male and female spirit) who arrived in Ulukou from Tahiti and were respected by the…

Despite working on a popular children’s show, a costume performer struggles to please those around her. This further strains her already fragile career, relationships, and mental health.

A couple from two drastically different backgrounds clashes on their 6-month anniversary.

In this short documentary, transgender rights activist Gavin Grimm talks about his fight for bathroom equality as a trans teen at his high school, and the transphobia and restrictions he has faced from adults.A portion of the audio within the…

The narrator reflects on her time in middle school, when she experienced her first joys and difficulties of a reciprocated crush with another girl.

After Kat survives an accident that left her orphaned, the trauma causes her to have a new perspective on life and she becomes a juvenile delinquent. When she is sent to a Catholic school in her old hometown, her psychic powers become even stronger.…

During an exploration with his father, Jaeger, Searcher discovers a new plant that emits energy. After a fight with his father, they part ways, and Searcher returns to his home, Avalonia, with the plant. However, twenty-five years later, this power…
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