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A tale about breaking free from the binary and living as one’s true self.

Note: This film contains sexual content.What happens to Cupid when he's struck by his own arrow?

A person calls a helpline seeking advice on gender and toplessness.

An experimentation of traveling, nature, and intangibility. If possible, please support the Barbara Hammer estate by purchasing some of her available films. Place Mattes is part of a collection which includes fantastic shorts like Tourist (1984) and…

Based on the director’s personal experience, a person trying to use the women’s restroom is initally denied entry by a Disney employee due to not presenting feminine enough.

Note: This film contains sexual content. A short which examines love, virtual reality, and addiction.This is currently the oldest entirely digital animation in the archive. The short is categorized as implicit due to Vinyla and a few other characters…

In a rigid binary world where men and women are separated, an individual struggles to hide their inner self.

An experimental reflection on relationships and the impact of AIDS.

Moe, a queer, autistic adult, must now deal with a mysterious hole following them around.

Note: This film contains sexual content.A celebration of queer identity, culture, and community.
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