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When an accident leaves a man blind, he and his partner adjust and together, learn to support one another.

Note: This film contains sexual content.What happens to Cupid when he's struck by his own arrow?

Vivek Shraya reflects on The Roost, a gay bar in Edmonton she used to visit, and how it provided her with a sense of community, despite how complicated navigating a queer space can be when you do not fit into a community's expectations.While Shraya…

A couple from two drastically different backgrounds clashes on their 6-month anniversary.

Note: This video contains some misgendering for a few of the people featured. This was not intended to be malicious, but instead reflects the public identities of these individuals in 2020. Please search anyone featured in this short to avoid…

During an exploration with his father, Jaeger, Searcher discovers a new plant that emits energy. After a fight with his father, they part ways, and Searcher returns to his home, Avalonia, with the plant. However, twenty-five years later, this power…

Shown at film festivals, this pilot is set on the romances and hijinks that occur on a queer college dormitory floor. Inspired by Warren's own experiences while at college, the pilot follows three friend: Hakeem, the hopeless romantic, Dirk, the best…

This feature-length fully animated documentary features interviews with people of various backgrounds and experiences, discussing their opinions about monogamy, sex, fear, and technology. The film is accompanied by animation that is as unique as the…

Alone and drifting on the boardwalk, Anoka unexpectedly becomes enamored with another woman who fills her with love. When the two separate, Anoka must now find a way to fill the pain left behind from their separation.

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In a fantastical world, a prince and a princess from neighboring kingdoms are arranged to be married, but they both have crushes they would rather be with. The two devise a plan to delay the wedding. While not explicitly mentioned in the film, Beetle…
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