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Follows Prince Oliver -a pink skunk clownfish voiced by the recently passed Paul Reubens- who questions his identity and role in the colony, as he is next in line to become Queen. The short examines the fluidity of gender in the animal kingdom…

A tale about breaking free from the binary and living as one’s true self.

Interviews with trans individuals about their identities, and how they have been treated by society.

Note: This video contains some misgendering for a few of the people featured. This was not intended to be malicious, but instead reflects the public identities of these individuals in 2020. Please search anyone featured in this short to avoid…

This feature-length fully animated documentary features interviews with people of various backgrounds and experiences, discussing their opinions about monogamy, sex, fear, and technology. The film is accompanied by animation that is as unique as the…

Alone and drifting on the boardwalk, Anoka unexpectedly becomes enamored with another woman who fills her with love. When the two separate, Anoka must now find a way to fill the pain left behind from their separation.

After a ghost is struck by lightning, a man does everything he can to help them remember who they were and complete their journey into the unknown.

After returning to Earth 20 years later, Rocko, Spunky, Heffer, and Filburt must adjust to an entirely new environment. While Rocko’s friends quickly adapt to the changes, Rocko has a difficult time adjusting and just wants to watch his favorite TV…

Note: This film contains homophobia, sexual violence, and violence.A gay man shares the internal conflict he feels about his home country, Egypt, due to the homophobia he has witnessed firsthand. This trauma motivated him to become involved in…

Katie is excited to go to film school and finally be among people who understand her. At the last minute, her Dad decides that he and the rest of her family should drive her to school. What she expects to be a typical cross-country family trip turns…
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