Esther Bley has been a fan of animation for as long as she can remember, and an avid researcher of queer history since a young teenager. It was inevitable that these interests would eventually combine to form the database you are visiting today.

Esther is an archivist, historian, and works as a reference librarian at a public library. When not focusing on her website, she is writing a book about queer representation in American animation.

I want to thank all the filmmakers and animators who came before me, those who are creating works today, and those who are yet to be discovered.

Special thanks to early supporters of this project:

Queer Animation would not have been possible without the tireless support of Beth Taboh. Thank you for all the time assisting me in making this a reality.

Jerry Beck: For input concerning Krazy Kat's early filmography

Lucie Markus: For translation and editing assistance

And: Henry, Loren Hardy, Jane Klain, and Lore Raul