Is this site suitable for children?
Well, yes and no. There are a variety of shorts on this database, some are family friendly, others contain more adult themes and content. While some films do have a disclaimer, not all of them are marked. If you are unsure about a certain work, I recommend checking reviews on Letterboxd, IMDb, or DoesTheDogDie.

Why are some films categorized as explicit and others implicit?
The explicit or implicit categorization has to do with representation and not content warnings.

What does a certain term in the Gender and Sexuality tag mean?
Glad you asked, some terms serve as an umbrella term, such as transgender or bisexual, but for others please consult the excellent site Homosaurus concerning LGBTQ+ vocabulary you are unfamiliar with.

Why are some films tagged androgyny and others labeled queer?
These are meant to fill a dual role:

1. For characters that are confirmed to be either androgynous and/or queer.

2. For characters whose identities are more ambiguous/unconfirmed.

I have used the latter sparingly, but androgyny is for a character's gender identity, while queer pertains to a character's sexuality.

Why are some works from Japan defined as yaoi or yuri and others are not?
As a Westerner, growing up I only knew boys’ love defined as yaoi and girls’ love as yuri. While boys’ love and girls’ love are more commonly used today, it can be a bit broad, and I decided it would be simpler to have this type of genre distinct from other films from Japan that contain queer content.

How does a work qualify for this archive?
Excellent question! To qualify for the archive:

I worked on a particular film and noticed some technical information is incorrect. Can I contact you?
Yes, please! It's incredibly difficult to find consistent information for some of these films, especially concerning dates. For the majority of films, I list the copyright year shown at the end rather than the first release date. I am trying to be as accurate as possible, so any corrections would be greatly appreciated.

Can I suggest queer animated works I know?
Yes! Currently, I am interested in locating lesser known OVAs and older foreign films and shorts, but any suggestions are appreciated. While explicitly queer characters or scenes are preferred, it is fine to suggest films that contain a gender creative or drag scene. If it's an older OVA, please provide some information, such as where to watch it, scenes, and contextual information about why it is queer.

Will you be including films not available to watch?
Depends on the situation! Any films in the archive that were streaming but have been taken down will be noted. Just because a film is currently unavailable does not mean it will always be inaccessible. Films move to different platforms and directors will sometimes make their private works public.

For films that were never widely streamed, increased support will allow me to consider including them as this archive continues to develop and grow.

How can I support Queer Animation?
Currently, Queer Animation is sustained through out-of-pocket, self-funding. You can support the site by donating, buying merchandise, subscribing to the newsletter or its socials, and letting others know about this database through articles, posts, tags, and word of mouth.

All the above methods are fantastic ways you can help the archive continue onward for many years!

How often will update?
For the time being, it’s a to be determined situation; but I will make a post of any major updates on my Substack.

Who created Queer Animation?
Esther Bley! Click here to learn more about them.