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After Ballister, a knight, is framed for the murder of the Queen, he becomes a fugitive, trying to discover who set him up. While in hiding, he is visited by Nimona, a fellow outcast and shapeshifter, who wants to be his sidekick. The two eventually…

In a city filled with different air, earth, fire, and water elements, this story focuses on an immigrant fire family. When the daughter, Ember, eventually crosses paths with a water element named Wade. Despite the two coming from completely different…

The relationship between a mother and son and the importance of one’s name.

When an accident leaves a man blind, he and his partner adjust and together, learn to support one another.

This short tells the legend of Kapaemahu, the four Healer Stones in Waikiki, Hawaii. These stones were erected in honor of the visiting māhū (when one embodies both a male and female spirit) who arrived in Ulukou from Tahiti and were respected by the…

Despite working on a popular children’s show, a costume performer struggles to please those around her. This further strains her already fragile career, relationships, and mental health.

A couple from two drastically different backgrounds clashes on their 6-month anniversary.

Note: This film contains sexual content.Animated in a German Expressionist style (an art form greatly disliked by the nazis), the short is set during the final years of the Weimar Republic, as the nazis began their rise and control over Germany. The…

The origin story of Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear and his adventures in space. This marked Pixar's first on-screen same-sex kiss in a feature-length film. The kiss is brief and shared between two married women, one of whom is Alisha Hawthorne, Buzz'…

Sanna and Petra are spending time together. When Sanna unexpectedly asks Petra how she knew she was bi, Petra begins dropping hints throughout the rest of the evening.
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