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A tale about breaking free from the binary and living as one’s true self.

Note: This film contains sexual content.What happens to Cupid when he's struck by his own arrow?

Despite working on a popular children’s show, a costume performer struggles to please those around her. This further strains her already fragile career, relationships, and mental health.

A couple from two drastically different backgrounds clashes on their 6-month anniversary.

Note: This video contains some misgendering for a few of the people featured. This was not intended to be malicious, but instead reflects the public identities of these individuals in 2020. Please search anyone featured in this short to avoid…

When Elisha Lim's roommate comes out as nonbinary, this leads Lim into a self-reflection and realization about their own identity. This animation showcases an excerpt from Lim's graphic novel 100 Crushes (2014). For more information about the graphic…

After Kat survives an accident that left her orphaned, the trauma causes her to have a new perspective on life and she becomes a juvenile delinquent. When she is sent to a Catholic school in her old hometown, her psychic powers become even stronger.…

This feature-length fully animated documentary features interviews with people of various backgrounds and experiences, discussing their opinions about monogamy, sex, fear, and technology. The film is accompanied by animation that is as unique as the…

Alone and drifting on the boardwalk, Anoka unexpectedly becomes enamored with another woman who fills her with love. When the two separate, Anoka must now find a way to fill the pain left behind from their separation.

An experimentation of traveling, nature, and intangibility. If possible, please support the Barbara Hammer estate by purchasing some of her available films. Place Mattes is part of a collection which includes fantastic shorts like Tourist (1984) and…
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